Since 1996, Hunter Strata Management, NSW, has been providing Tuggerah locals with the exceptional Strata & Community services they truly deserve.

With a combined knowledge base of well over 40 years, our locally based strata specialists provide fast, responsive, industry-leading services to each of our diverse range of clients.

After over a quarter of a century in the business and with countless happy clients to our name, we’ve remained at the top of our game in the competitive strata and community industry. Our strata specialists have helped Tuggerah strata schemes of all shapes and sizes succeed with our dedicated, personalised and friendly service, and we can do the same for you.

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Our strata specialists not only have decades of experience, they’re also highly qualified and constantly working to update their skill sets to keep up with the latest industry changes. We’re well versed on NSW strata laws, so you can rest assured knowing your strata management is by the books.Read More »


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At Hunter Strata Management, your success is always our number one priority. We provide each and every client with simple, effective strata solutions that make running their strata scheme as easy as possible — whether it’s commercial, industrial or residential strata.

Whether your owners corporation needs to keep up with industry changes or you’re looking for a new strata manager to make things easier, we’re here to help.

For over 25 years, we’ve delivered industry-leading strata management solutions backed by personalised, professional and courteous service.
We’ve been leaders in strata management for decades thanks to our commitment to fast turnarounds, impeccable service and continuous improvement.

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How do I get started with Hunter Strata Management?

Taking the first step with Hunter Strata Management is simple. All you have to do is submit a quote request and provide us with a few details about your strata scheme including:

  • Your strata plan number (if known)
  • Whether your property is in its initial period, is with a current strata manager or is a self-managed strata scheme
  • Whether your plan is a strata, community, neighbourhood or building management committee
  • The property’s street address
  • The property’s age (whether it’s over or under seven years)
  • The number of lots in the complex
  • Whether the property is residential, commercial, industrial or mixed use
  • What the common facilities are including community centres, laundry, secure parking, pools, gyms etc.

We’ll also require some contact information like your name, number and email address so we can contact you with your assessment and arrange a consultation.

Once you’ve submitted your quote request, our title management professionals will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your strata management needs. Your strata scheme is in safe hands — we’re one of the top strata companies in the Central Coast region.

Can you take over from my current strata manager?

Absolutely! If you’re not satisfied with your current strata management services, we can easily take over from your current provider with minimal disruption. We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and work with you to provide a strata management service that satisfies your needs and expectations.

Why should I choose Hunter Strata Management as my strata manager?

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping our Tuggerah clients achieve their goals through customer-focused, dedicated strata management services. We have industry-leading experience with community title schemes and a combined team experience of over 40 years in the industry, and now, we offer the strata management Central Coast businessowners can trust.

Our experienced team has a wide range of expertise across the strata and community management sector and we’re constantly updating our knowledge base to build on our wealth of experience.

Unlike many strata companies (NSW), we provide fast turnarounds, responsive services and a 100% focus on customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a strata manager in Tuggerah who’ll make your life easier and remain 100% focused on your success, Hunter Strata Management is for you.

With professionalism and highly focused solutions, strata managers from Hunter Strata will set you up for success.

Who is responsible for strata repairs?

Depending on whether the repair is taking place in your lot or in an area of the common property, either you as the owner or the owners corporation will be responsible for the repair.

As a lot owner, you are responsible for both your own lot and a share of the common property which will be covered by the levies you pay.

Generally speaking, lot owners are responsible for repairs in the space inside their unit which includes internal fixtures like kitchen cupboards, taps and shower screens, along with carpets, interior walls, paint and light fittings.

Common property like exterior walls, common land, communal flooring and waterproofing are typically the responsibility of the owners committee to repair.

Ownerships and responsibilities vary between different strata schemes, so you should always check with your strata manager before arranging any repairs.

What does a strata manager do?

Strata managers are responsible for a wide range of strata services including administrative, financial and community-based responsibilities.

A strata manager’s administrative responsibilities include things like:

  • Running owners committee meetings, including small block strata meetings
  • Managing correspondence between Lot Owners, Committee members & suppliers
  • Managing legal compliance matters
  • Arranging owners corporation insurance including property valuations
  • Offering insurance administration tribunal expertise
  • Overseeing building maintenance for common areas
  • Arranging emergency repairs

Their financial responsibilities include tasks such as:

  • Facilitating payments to tradespeople working on the property
  • Balancing the books
  • Issuing and collecting levies including administrative fund levies, sinking fund levies and special levies. At Hunter Strata we offer streamlined levy payments through our DEFT levy payment portal

Strata managers are also often called upon to fulfil community-based responsibilities, acting as mediators when the owners corporation management has disputes or stepping in when a member is in violation of a by-law. In these cases, strata managers must keep the peace and ensure all parties are happy and the strata bylaws (NSW) are complied with.

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