When it comes to strata management, Maitland residents need local experts who can provide swift, responsive service. At Hunter Strata Management Pty, we’ve been delivering industry leading strata and community services throughout Maitland NSW and the Hunter for over 25 years. With a combined team knowledge base in excess of 40 years, we know how to get the job done right.

From residential strata schemes to commercial strata, over 55 communities and mixed use strata, we’re experienced across a diverse range of strata and community schemes of all sizes and purposes.

Our passion for providing the best strata management services to our clients has kept us at the top of the extremely competitive strata management market for decades. With extensive ongoing training, our strata managers and support staff are kept up to date on all legislation and industry developments to ensure we deliver exceptional service across the board.

If you need experienced local strata managers to help make running your strata easier and stress-free, we’re the property management company for you.

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Our Maitland strata management professionals have decades of combined experience dealing with a diverse range of strata schemes in Maitland and the Hunter. Coupled with a network of trusted local contractors and builders, our local expertise means we can deliver the best possible service to Maitland NSW strata owners.Read More »


At Hunter Strata Management Pty, our expert managers and dedicated support staff provide an industry-leading experience. With exceptionally fast turnarounds and responsive services, we’ll ensure that every aspect of your strata management runs smoothly and provides genuine value. With Hunter Strata Management on your side, you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.Read More »


Whether you’re looking to switch strata management companies or are setting up a brand-new strata scheme in Maitland NSW, our expert management team can assess your strata management needs and prepare a detailed, obligation-free quote for your consideration.Read More »


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Exceptional service is standard when you choose Hunter Strata Management — Maitland’s most trusted strata management professionals. From residential strata to industrial schemes and plans within the commercial industry, you can rely on our team for exceptional service, even after hours.

Experts in strata management

We’ve been industry leaders in the competitive strata management and community industry for over 25 years. During that time we’ve developed a reputation for excellence, responsiveness and service and we strive to uphold that reputation every day. Our team is highly trained in the latest legislation and industry standards and come backed with decades of combined experience.

Experts in Maitland

Over the past 25 years, Maitland NSW has seen fantastic growth, becoming an ever more sought after place to live and work while still maintaining its large country town feel.

We’ve helped our Maitland-based clients adapt to changing demands and new legislation with ease and ensured that their strata properties have delivered consistently great results for both lot owners and the property owner alike.

Plus, with a network of trusted local Maitland tradespeople and specialists, we can arrange fast repairs and maintenance with ease.

Experts in people

When it comes to strata management Maitland, NSW locals need someone who not only knows the area but who understands people. At Hunter Strata Management, we’re experts in resolving disputes, enforcing by-laws and managing relationships with contractors, builders and owners, all of which means we achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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How do I get started with Hunter Strata Management?

Getting started with Hunter Strata Management is simple and quick and can be done completely online. All we require is for you to submit a quote request via our online contact form and provide us with some basic information about your strata scheme along with your contact details.

Can you take over from my current strata manager?

Yes, we can take over from your current strata management provider. Please note, you will need to provide notice to your existing strata management company in line with the terms of your contract. A notice period may be required, or your contract may stipulate that you must wait for the existing contract to expire.

You will also need to gain the consensus of your strata committee before switching your services to Hunter Strata Management. Our strata managers can help you make the transition and will gladly provide you with a detailed quote to present to your strata committee. To arrange your obligation-free quote submit a quote request online.

Who is responsible for repairs in a strata scheme?

It depends on where the repair is needed. If the repair or maintenance is required in a part of the common property it is the responsibility of the owners’ committee. If the repair or maintenance is required within a privately owned lot, it is the lot of owners responsibility to arrange repairs.

Typical examples of common property include stairwells, exterior walls, gardens and pathways. Lot, or privately owned property, consists of the interior space of a lot or unit and includes things like flooring, fixtures and amenities. The specific areas which fall into common or private property vary from strata to strata, so it’s important to check your by-laws before arranging any repairs.

What can a strata manager help with?

Strata managers handle a variety of administrative services as well as community and financial matters to ensure the smooth running of the strata schemes in their care.

Administrative tasks completed by a strata manager can include:

  • Meetings – running annual meetings, owners corporation and committee meetings, sending out meeting reminders and preparing minutes
  • Maintenance and repairs – arranging emergency repairs and routine maintenance to strata property
  • Insurance matters – ensuring all insurances are up-to-date and arranging property evaluations and other requirements
  • Legal compliance – Ensuring all legal documents are in order and maintaining all legal compliance matters such as fire safety and building certificates
  • Correspondence management – Keeping track of correspondence between committee members, lot owners, contractors and suppliers.

Financial requirements which a strata manager can help with include:

  • Contractor payments – Your strata manager can ensure tradies, contractors and specialists are paid for any services they provide
  • Bookkeeping – balancing the books and keeping thorough financial records
  • Levies and fees – issuing levy notices and collecting levies such as special levies and sinking fund levies. At Hunter Strata our clients can access our user-friendly
  • DEFT levy payment portal.

Community responsibilities covered by a strata manager can include:

  • Mediation and dispute resolution – strata managers can provide dispute resolution and mediation services when owners encounter disputes such as parking disagreements, common property disputes and noise complaints.
  • By-law enforcement – A strata manager can see to any by-law breaches and help to keep the peace and ensure by-law compliance by all owners.
Why should I choose Hunter Strata Management as my strata manager?

For high-quality, responsive, industry leading strata and property management Maitland residents consistently choose Hunter Strata Management. Why? Because for more than 25 years we’ve proven our reputation for excellence, again and again, providing exceptional services to our diverse range of clients throughout Maitland and the greater Hunter region.

With fast turnarounds and exceptional service, we provide the kind of top tier strata management Maitland NSW locals deserve. Get your obligation-free quote today to find out just how easy strata management can be.

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