Commercial Strata Management

Dedicated commercial strata managers serving the Hunter, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens regions.
Our experienced local team can take on any commercial strata project from small scale retail to complex commercial enterprises and mixed-uses.

Exceptional commercial strata management services

Managing commercial strata properties comes with a unique set of challenges. At Hunter Strata Management we have over 40 years of combined team experience and can handle the most complex and demanding commercial strata management projects with ease. If you need a strata manager who’ll provide stress-free responsive services and proactive advice, choose Hunter Strata Management.

Industry-leading strata managers

You’re in safe hands with Hunter Strata Management

We specialise in commercial strata management, offering a comprehensive range of services which can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. From Annual Fire Safety Statement management to help with drafting by-laws to dispute resolution and building maintenance, you can leave it all to our highly experienced team. We’re committed to excellence in every aspect of our commercial strata management services, and we’ve built up a strong reputation for exceptional customer care and fast turnarounds in all communications.

Industry-leading local strata managers Trusted network of tradespeople Full-service strata management 40+ years of combined experience Fast, responsive service

If you’re in need of commercial strata management that makes your life easier, you’re in the right place. Get in touch today to arrange your obligation-free quote.


Meetings & By-Laws

We can help with regular executive committee
meetings, extraordinary general meetings and annual general meetings including
sending notices, preparing minutes, mediating and more. We can also assist
with drafting, amending and enforcing your commercial strata scheme’s by-laws.

Accounting, Secretarial & Insurance

From invoicing and GST issues to records
maintenance and insurance claims, we’ll make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed on your behalf. Our commercial strata managers and support staff will ensure all bases are covered so you can relax knowing you’re completely covered.

Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your commercial strata looking great and running like clockwork. Our local expertise and over 25 years of experience mean we’ve built up a vast network of trusted local builders, tradies and contractors we can call on for fast, efficient and high-quality routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

FAQs about commercial strata management

What kind of commercial strata projects do you manage?

We manage projects from across the gamut of commercial stratas, from office spaces to retail precincts and commercial warehouses. With over 25 years of experience in the commercial strata management industry, we’ve helped clients with just about every kind of commercial strata project and we can help you too. We’ll ensure your commercial strata runs smoothly and meets all your owners’ and tenants’ expectations.

What do I need to do to prepare my Annual Fire Safety Statement in NSW?

All commercial strata schemes in NSW must provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) to their local council and to Fire and Rescue NSW. An AFSS provides assurance that each essential fire safety measure in the building and its exit systems have been assessed by a suitably qualified person. Your commercial strata manager can arrange your Annual Fire Safety Statement on your behalf and ensure your building is up to code on all requirements.

Is it difficult to change strata management companies?

No, it’s not difficult to change strata management companies, however, you will need to provide notice that you are ending your contract which may impact the amount of time it takes to move over. We recommend reviewing your current contract with your existing commercial strata managers and either waiting for the contract to expire or informing your current company that you wish to end the contract early.

You will also need to obtain consensus from your strata committee to select a new strata management company. We recommend obtaining a detailed quote from us prior to your next meeting so your committee can make an informed decision. To arrange your obligation-free quote submit a quote request online.

What commercial strata management services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial strata management services which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Accounting services
  • Trust account establishment and maintenance
  • Levy notices
  • Owners Corporation invoice payments for items such as council rates, water rates and repairs
  • Financial reports and other reporting requirements
Annual Fire Safety Statements
  • Arranging the preparation of Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)
  • Submission of AFSS to local council and Fire and Rescue NSW
  • Ad-hoc advice to the executive committee on by-laws
  • By-law compliance notices
  • Preparation and service of section 45 of the Act notices for by-law breaches
  • Tribunal and court proceeding representation for owners corporations
  • Applications for mediation, tribunal orders, mediation and other attendances
  • By-law drafting and amendments
Executive committee meetings
  • Preparation and distribution of executive committee meeting notices
  • Attendance of executive committee meetings both during and after regular office hours
  • Meeting minutes preparation and distribution
Extraordinary general meetings
  • Extraordinary General Meeting notice preparation and distribution
  • Extraordinary General Meetings attendance both during and outside of regular office hour
  • Preparation and distribution of Extraordinary General Meeting minutes
  • Preparation and lodgement of insurance claims
  • Insurance claims administration and other loss minimisation activities
  • Insurance valuations
  • Insurance renewal quotes
  • Submission of quotes to Executive Committee
  • Annual General Meeting notice preparation and distribution
  • Attendance Annual General Meetings
  • Preparation and distribution of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Meeting venue bookings if required
Repairs and maintenance
  • Organising building inspection and reports
  • Hiring contractors and builders
  • Arranging routine maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Building services and contracts
  • Organising contractor and builder access
  • Building certifications
  • Strata roll and minute book maintenance
  • Correspondence filing and maintenance
  • Record and keep all notices under sections 118, 119 and 120 of the Act
  • Maintain common seal
  • Communications management
What’s the difference between a residential and commercial strata scheme?

All strata schemes are comprised of common property and individually owned or leased lots. Residential stratas are strata schemes in which people live, while commercial strata schemes are places where people do business in some way. Residential strata schemes include things like apartment buildings, retirement communities, townhouses, duplexes and villas. Commercial stratas include things like office blocks, warehouses and retail centres.

What happens if I need emergency assistance after hours?

In addition to being available 5 days a week on 02 4934 2022, we also offer an after hours emergency number at 0437 342 022. Our dedicated strata managers will help you in any way that they can, whether you’re dealing with a lot owner dispute or need an emergency plumber.

What sort of things should be covered by commercial strata by-laws?

There are a wide range of factors which should be covered in your commercial strata’s by-laws. Below are some examples of areas to consider when drawing up by-laws, however, it’s best to get help from a professional commercial strata manager to ensure all bases are covered.

  • Renovation processes. All renovation work requirements and approval processes should be covered by by-laws. This can include cosmetic items like paint colours and flooring, structural items like windows and doors and amenities like air conditioning.
  • Strata executive committee expenditure and maintenance authorities
  • Rubbish collection processes, responsibilities and rights.
  • Security measures including access, intercoms, keycodes and locks.
  • Common car park and visitor parking allowances.
  • Safety measures such as evacuation and fire procedure.
  • Goods storage and moving
What laws and regulations should I be aware of as a commercial strata scheme owner in NSW?

There are several important pieces of legislation in NSW that commercial strata owners needto be aware of.

  • STRATA SCHEMES MANAGEMENT ACT 2015 – the purpose of this act is to provide standards for strata scheme management and strata scheme dispute resolution.
  • STRATA SCHEMES MANAGEMENT REGULATION 2016 – this regulation under the strata schemes act aims to help future-proof strata schemes by placing an emphasis on contemporary communication and new technology.
  • STRATA SCHEMES DEVELOPMENT ACT 2015 – This Act pertains to the subdivision of land for creating strata schemes, common property and lots and the renewal, termination and variation of strata schemes.

At Hunter Strata Management, our commercial strata managers are deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of NSW commercial strata management and can ensure that your commercial strata scheme is compliant with all relevant legislation.

Why should I choose Hunter Strata Management for commercial strata management?

We’ve been helping commercial strata owners get the most from their properties for over 25 years and we can do the same for you.

  • Local strata managers – local experience is invaluable when it comes to commercial strata management. Our Newcastle-based team proudly serves the greater Newcastle and surrounding areas. With in-depth local knowledge and a network of experienced, trusted contractors and builders at our disposal, we deliver industry-leading local commercial strata management services every time.
  • Highly trained and experienced team – We pride ourselves on having the most
    well-trained and knowledgeable commercial strata team in NSW. We have a culture of continuous improvement and provide ongoing training and education to our managers and support team to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.
  • Responsive service – Responsiveness is a priority at Hunter Strata Management, and we promise to provide swift responses to all interactions with our clients. All our correspondence whether by phone or email is incredibly quick, with fast turnaround times and detailed, helpful responses.
  • Free quotes – We offer free, no-obligation quotes for our commercial strata
    management services. Get in touch today to arrange your free quote and find out how we can help make your life easier.